The collective work The Milena Principle (Geert Vermeire, Stefaan van Biesen / Belgium) pays a compliment to the landscape caused by mental spirit, through the use of the videos, soundscapes, photographs and performances. The lake and the cells of the monastery gain a strong inner dimension through the exercises of installation and performance. This work shows a close association between reflection, action and environment. The specific choice of material (a screen) and location (hovering over the water) also confers it the literal appearance of the presence of the Spirit. Harmony emerges from natural forms and created shapes making it possible to adapt the environment in order to stimulate vitality. Videos, soundscapes, photographs in the cells of the monastery elaborate these questions but the works have as well a strong inner dimension. The landscape becomes a world on its own. The landscape shows an inner world. The videos show walkers in the landscape and travelers. The walker measures the world with his body as an instrument of observation, reflection and experience. You think with your body, through your body you have an understanding, a closeness and intimacy with the world.